About Octane Freelance


My name is Tim Enders, and I’m an automotive writer and photographer. I’ve spent the better part of the past ten years documenting all facets of automotive enthusiasm. My writing and photography has been published on a number of websites, including Kilometermagazine.com, VWVortex.com, and Fourtitude.com.

I can write to appeal to any audience, from someone who knows how to steer and where the fuel goes all the way up the spectrum to the hardcore enthusiast who wants to know the minuscule differences between the American and European versionsĀ of his or her favorite car. I am also an experienced photographer and can provide images suitable for publication along with my written work. My past writing has taken the form of “first drives,” in depth full reviews of various models, industry analysis and news, auto show coverage, and opinion pieces. I have also provided motorsport coverage for the American LeMans series and am an experienced motorsport photographer as well. I am an active member of several automotive press associations.


To contact me about freelance automotive work, please drop me an email at tim@octanefreelance.com